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Psychiatric Evaluation

Contemporary psychiatry has developed powerful tools for treating many forms of mental suffering, and these tools (including medication and various forms of psychotherapy) are most effective when applied on the basis of a person’s unique and individual requirements.  Because a myriad of psychological and psychiatric treatment possibilities exist, the selection of the most effective and suitable psychiatric treatment should be based upon a diagnosis arrived at via thorough careful evaluation (taking into consideration both biological and psychological factors).

Psychiatric evaluation consists of getting to know a person and his/her difficulties during several sessions: the stresses, family situation, genetics, childhood influences from development, psychobiology, etc. must all be taken into account.  This necessarily involves appreciation of the complexity manifest in mental functioning. Consequently an appropriate psychotherapy and/or medication strategy is recommended. Dr. Suskind uses a similar approach to evaluate and treat couples.

Most of my patients come for consultation because of problems with self-esteem, anxiety, depression, problems in succeeding, inhibitions, or difficulties in making certain life transitions (e.g. school, career, family, mid-life, retirement, bereavement).  Some people have been told their problems are psychosomatic, or that they are having problems adjusting to a physical illness (e.g. recovering from a heart attack, dealing with a cancer diagnosis, post-traumatic sequelae from an injury).  Some are experiencing marital-couple distress.  Others complain of being unable to achieve the degree of success or satisfaction in relationships or in life goals.  They have had difficulty making their best life choices. Others recognize a recurring pattern of problematic behaviors and reactions.

For example, a woman may become aware that although she is working at a job below her capacities, she always seems to find reasons to refuse more appropriate positions.  Or a man may become aware that he falls in love only with women who are unavailable.  These types of issues, when clearly defined, benefit from psychodynamic treatment.

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