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Fitness for Duty

Businesses consult with Dr. Suskind to determine whether mental health problems impact the workplace.  When an employee’s psychiatric symptoms seem to impair workplace functioning, this may prompt a “fitness for duty” request.  For such a request, Dr. Suskind needs a description of the employee’s job, of his/her behaviors, and of your organization.  It is especially important to describe patterns or trends over time.  I appreciate receiving descriptions of behavioral changes, of interruptions of employment, or of potential dangers, as well as any documentations, inconsistencies and prior evaluations.
You may wish to know:
(1) whether there are specific dangers presented by the employee;
(2) measures employer might take to reduce likelihood of difficulties;
(3) is there need for continuous or intermittent time off work?

A “fitness for duty” evaluation determines whether the employee’s degree of psychiatric impairment exceeds the fitness threshold for his/her particular workplace task, as well as treatment and follow-up recommendations.

A Psychiatric Fitness for Duty Report is limited in description (due to privacy laws).  It assesses the employee’s adaptability and the chronicity of his/her mental condition.

A model for understanding stress and its assessment.

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