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Expert Witness

                                                      Medical/Legal Psychiatric Consultation


Dr. Suskind has often been asked to serve as a consultant in civil litigation matters.  He sets aside a limited amount of time for forensic consultations.  Dr. Suskind has particular sensitivity and qualifications in the areas of post-traumatic stress reactions, and psychological reactions experienced in the face of illness and body injury.  This results from his training in both psychiatry and surgery and from Dr. Suskind’s expertise as former Director of the Mental Health Team at the San Diego & Imperial County Regional Burn Treatment Center.  He has taught classes on post-traumatic stress disorder, somatoform disorders, conversion reactions, and reactions to trauma, pain and disfiguring injuries.

Dr. Suskind’s training and orientation emphasize normal human development and functioning.  Medical-Legal reports, consultations and testimony strive to portray situations or individuals via a straightforward and non-jargon context, so that people can understand the person, and not just the pathology involved.  Dr. Suskind is very actively involved in teaching psychiatry, psychotherapy and psychoanalysis and in his clinical practice.  Dr. Suskind serves as a QME, AME and IME for the California WCAB.

Medical-Legal consultation may be arranged only upon attorney request, and is activated upon execution of a signed agreement with your attorney.

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